How About Making Elections Less Important?


February 12, 2022 by Anders Ingemarson

Conservative claims of 2020 election fraud have been repeatedly refuted. For example, The Wall Street Journal reported back in January that the conservative leaning Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty (WILL) that supported many of Mr. Trump’s policies, in its Dec 7 report “…wallops state officials for bending election rules amid the pandemic. That mistake put ballots into legal doubt, due to no fault of the voter, while fueling skepticism. Yet the stolen-election theory doesn’t hold up. President Biden won Wisconsin by 20,682, and mass fraud ‘would likely have resulted in some discernible anomaly,’ WILL says. ‘In all likelihood, more eligible voters cast ballots for Joe Biden than Donald Trump.’” (emphasis mine) The article continues “WILL’s hand recount of 20,000 votes from 20 wards, including in Milwaukee, found ‘no evidence of fraudulent ballots.’ It did show ‘a significant number of voters who voted for Biden and a Republican for Congress.’ In wards of suburban Mequon, to pick one, 10.5% of Biden ballots went for GOP Rep. Glenn Grothman.” This is but one of many investigations that have concluded that the election was not stolen from Mr. Trump, refuting conspiracy theories on the right.

At the other end of the political spectrum, President Biden in a speech in Georgia on January 10 fanning the flames of conspiracy theories on the left, accused conservative law-makers of supporting “Jim Crow 2.0” which he defined being “about two insidious things: voter suppression and election subversion.“ This for their efforts to shore up state voting laws, and for not passing the federal Freedom to Vote Act that would supersede such state laws.

Changes to election laws, election fraud, and redistricting (including gerrymandering) evokes strong emotions providing fuel for conspiracy theories: among blacks who were historically disenfranchised until the Voting Rights Act of 1965, and among people on the right who feel powerless in the face of the progressive onslaught, just to mention a couple of examples. But how come a recount seemingly becomes a question of life and death? Why does some not shy away from registering voters and obtaining votes by fraudulent means? How come redistricting that used to be at the complete discretion of state lawmakers merits U.S. Supreme Court attention? Why is the country in permanent campaign mode? Unless you’re a political pundit who thrive on this stuff, the never-ending election cycles are exhausting. Maybe we should ask ourselves the broader question: Why have elections taken on such a disproportionate importance?

I think the answer lies in the fact that our government is involved at every level and with every aspect of our lives. This means that come election day we, the people, whether exhausted or not, sense the urgency of having a say in how that involvement is exercised. If we don’t vote, if we don’t ensure the voting process is fair, we’ll be run over by others who do vote, who may game the system, and who think they know what’s best for us. Our right to vote becomes a weapon in the high-stakes game between political parties and their armies of special interest groups fighting over the tax, spending and regulatory bounty that goes to the winner.

But it shouldn’t have to be this way. In a truly free society—a society that respects and protects our individual rights to life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness—the right to vote would be a marginal issue. How so? We simply wouldn’t have that much to vote on.

Let’s say you’re going to the polls to protect your hard-earned current or future Social Security check. In a truly free society, you would be in charge of your retirement without government involvement. You would plan for it from the day you entered the work force (or not, in which case you have nobody but yourself to blame and have to look to the benevolence of your fellow men and women for your support). Neither you nor your employer would pay social security taxes (today you pay 6.2% and your employer 6.2%; you only see the former on your paycheck), most likely leaving you with a higher paycheck and more money to invest towards your golden age. And a truly free society would not tax your capital gains and dividends meaning that your returns would be substantially better than today. With just a minimum of savings discipline, the power of compounding would make it close to impossible not to retire comfortably. Hence, without government involvement there would be no need to factor in retirement planning in your voting considerations.

Maybe you are casting your vote to ensure that your children get a good government (public) education? In a truly free society you would not be at the mercy of your local school board and the state and federal Departments of Education. You would be in control of your children’s education. Do you think it would be too expensive? Only under the control of federal, state, and local governments and boards does education get ever more expensive even as quality falters. If left to the free market, education would become cheaper, better, and more efficient (in this context, probably leading to less time in school) just like other products and services. The Walmart of education would spring up in your neighborhood and the online education equivalent of Amazon would offer stiff complementary competition to brick-and-mortar schools. The Khan Academy offers a glimpse of what that may look like. And with property taxes for education a thing of the past you control more of your own money. With education out of the hands of politicians, your vote is of no consequence for your children’s education.

Does access to affordable healthcare factor into your voting decisions? In a truly free society the government would not be able to force a healthcare scheme on you—Obamacare, Medicare, Medicaid and the like, and you would not be shackled to your employer for your healthcare needs. You would be empowered to manage your own health care with the marketplace offering you a plethora of health insurance options for catastrophic events, and doctors and other healthcare providers competing for your business with both quality and price. All of healthcare would go the way of Lasik surgery: cheaper and of better quality year over year. And with lower costs would come lower health insurance premiums. As a result of the government leaving you alone, your health would not depend on your vote.

Retirement planning, education and healthcare are the “big three” but this pattern repeats itself in every area of the economy. The respect for our individual rights is threatened in every election so no wonder people are freaking out. Were government involvement curtailed, on the other hand, our vote would be a lot less important, and we would return to a semblance of normalcy where elections came and went without much hoopla.

So what would be left to vote on? In my book, only issues related to the proper role of government of protecting our individual rightsdefending our country from foreign aggressors, policing the country domestically, and maintaining the rule of law through the court system. No doubt critically important areas, but nothing compared to how much of your life depends on your vote today. If we’re concerned with perpetual election cycles, with the amount of money being poured into lobbying and elections, with voting fraud and redistricting, and with the excessive power of our politicians, then we need to work to reduce government—cut taxes and government spending, and repeal regulations at the federal, state and local levels. With no tax, spending and regulatory spoils to fight over, the incentives for those who lust for office and those who supply the money to get them elected would be radically diminished, and our right to vote be a lot less consequential. No, it won’t happen the next election or the one after that, but it’s the only solution that will make the conspiracy theories on both ends of the political spectrum fade into memory. As a “shining city on a hill” vision it will serve us well in the fight to retake control of our lives from our rulers—from the smallest county seat to our nation’s capital.

One thought on “How About Making Elections Less Important?

  1. L Washington says:

    Biden won in 2020 (?):

    February 12, 2022 by Anders Ingemarson
    RE: Conservative claims of 2020 election fraud have been repeatedly refuted.

    I agree with your main points that the massive interference by government at all levels causes the need to take elections so ominously (seriously for you moderates), since the trend is all toward violations of individual rights and loss of liberty – and accelerating at an alarming pace.

    But I disagree completely with your assertion and one case example that Biden won the election. Just a few thoughts now, a more thorough analysis to follow.

    The courts at all levels ducked the issue based on flimsy or disingenuous technical or standing reasons, but refused to consider the merits or evidence for Trump’s claims. So, it’s disingenuous at best to say the courts decided whether Biden won or Trump.

    The multitude of evidence for fraud and massive fraud (potentially) in the key battleground states has never been refuted. The videos of boxes of ballots under the tables pulled out at night after Republicans were tricked into going home, the many changes by Democrats to make cheating easier to do and harder to get caught, the massive mail-in vote, unsecured drop off boxes, vote harvesting (by Democrat paid apparatchiks, no voter ID, massive illegal invasion along with Democrat states issuing IDs and drivers licenses (which then allow illegals to vote – since when did Democrats stop violating any law when it benefits them – and they rigged the system to etc.) The unconstitutional changes engineered in key states’ election laws by Marc Elias, Perkins Come and other Democrat legal teams. The highly aberant and suspicious swings over night in all the key jurisdiction contrary to the down-line votes and to decades of experience. Every move by Democrats has been to make cheating easier, getting caught harder or impossible and impossible to prove if they can finagle the laws.

    Until and unless Democrats/Progressives stop their maneuvering to steal elections (see above for a few examples), then one has every reason to doubt or deny election results so tainted.

    Recall the shrieking intimidation campaign and shout down of anyone who dares challenge the vote or Biden or their party line. This is totalitarian tactics, which is their MO as Marxists and fascists (aka Progressives). So if they won fairly and have nothing to hide, why the furious blitzkrieg to intimidate, silence and cancel any dissidents?

    Then consider the dishonesty (hypocrisy, double standard) of democrats challenging every election they lost since 2000. They even objected to certification of electors every time, including Bush’s elections. But now they say Republicans doing that in 2020 was insurrection or treason?! In their talking points propaganda, Gore won in 2000, Hillary in 2016, that it’s fair to challenge those. But Trump lost 2020, and you better not speak out one whisper against – or else.

    Just this past two weeks, multiple reports by offenders and insiders is leaking out belatedly that massive cheating was committed by Dems, that local election officials were pushed aside in favor of DNC assigned apparatchiks or paid off (via for example Zuckerberg’s $500 M targeted election funding). That makes your example in Wisconsin suspect, without a second, third opinion. And one cannot trust “conservative” officials/politicians where Establishment-Never Trumpers are involved. They are the modern equivalent of the collaborators with the Nazis in WWII.

    There is a principle underlying Democrats’ behavior, talking points and claims: the ends justify the means to one party rule, on the fast track to dictatorship. Progressivism is a third variant of the same philosophers and ideology that led to Marxism and Fascism. It was imported from pre-fascist German Universities from the 1880’s.

    Look at the galactic Double Standard (Dishonesty) of Jan 6 versus the hundreds of violent armed riots, insurrections, burnings, attack on the WhiteHouse, etc in 300 Deocrat sanctuary cities for the past two years, not just a few hours. Dems lied that those were “mostly peaceful protests” but then falsely claimed Jan 6 wasn’t. These are the same tactics as Hitler et al to criminalize their political opponents, misuse the police powers, FBI, DOJ, intelligence agencies (all the Democrat controlled Administrative “Deep” State) to hunt down, ruin, imprison indefinitely w/o trial- it’s third world dictatorship abuse.

    No one can forget the cry to: “connect the dots” after 9-11. Connect them here, if Truth and Objectivity are your priorities.

    So when I see people “on the side of Truth” and individual rights not just repeating the dishonest DNC talking points, but actually aiding, abetting and defending them, I have to wonder how naive “our side” is. Ayn Rand said that all Evil needs to succeed is to be given the benefit of the doubt, despite all evidence to the contrary. There is no moral equivalence between the parties in this respect.


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