State and Education

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Emancipate children, parents, educators and individuals involved in education related industries from federal, state and local government oppression by respecting their individual rights to

  • invent, produce, trade and consume education products and services, and
  • engage in education related charitable activities

without government interference.


Abolish all federal, state and local government individual rights violations in education, including but not limited to:

  • forced participation in government mandated education programs
  • forced financing of government mandated education programs through taxes and fees
  • government education related regulations.

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ACTIONS (including but not limited to)

  1. Eliminate all federal funding: Pre School, K-12,  college, vocational, student loans, school lunches, etc.
  2. Eliminate all federal, state and local regulation directly or indirectly impacting education
  3. Offer federal income tax deductions for parents living in areas having eliminated state and local education taxation and regulation.
  4. Eliminate education related government agencies and programs:

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(Disclaimer: SEPARATE! does not necessarily agree with all positions advocated by these organizations and individuals)


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