State and Healthcare

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Emancipate doctors, patients and individuals involved in healthcare related industries from federal, state and local government oppression by respecting their individual rights to

  • invent, produce, trade and consume healthcare products and services, and
  • engage in healthcare related charitable activities

without government interference.


Abolish all federal, state and local government individual rights violations in healthcare, including but not limited to:

  • forced participation in government mandated healthcare programs, as contributors and/or recipients
  • forced financing of government mandated healthcare programs and activities through taxes and fees
  • government healthcare related regulations.

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ACTIONS (including but not limited to)

1. Deregulate health insurance:

  • Remove all restrictions on health insurance providers’ policy offerings
  • Remove all restrictions preventing individuals from purchasing health insurance across state lines
  • Equalize tax treatment of money spent for health insurance by employers and individuals

2. Reform medical liability

3. Eliminate healthcare related government agencies and programs:

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(Disclaimer: SEPARATE! does not necessarily agree with all positions advocated by these organizations and individuals)

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