State and Retirement

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Emancipate all Americans from federal, state and local government oppression by respecting their individual rights to plan for retirement without government interference.


Abolish all federal, state and local government individual rights violations to plan for ones retirement, including but not limited to:

  • forced participation in government mandated retirement programs, as contributors and/or recipients
  • forced financing of government mandated retirement programs through taxes and contributions
  • government retirement related regulations.

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ACTIONS (including but not limited to)

1. Gradually dismantle Social Security

  • Increase the retirement age for instance 1 year every 3 years until reaching the average life expectancy of Americans. Today’s 67 would become 68 in three years, 69 in six years, etc. Same for ranges of early/late retirement options: 62/70 would become 63/71 in three years, 64/72 in six years, and so on. If you’re 59 today, you’d have to wait until age 71 to collect in full, instead of age 67. If you’re 50 today, you’d have to wait until shortly before 75.
  • Reduce benefits from a certain cutoff date, allowing everybody who’s for instance 50 and above to collect in full once reaching the retirement age as calculated above. For everybody younger than 50 reduce benefits with for instance 2.5% per year. If you’re 49 at the cutoff date, you’ll collect 97.5% when reaching retirement age, if age 48 95%, if 40 75%, etc. That will allow for plenty of time to save up for retirement for those younger than 50.
  • Reduce Social Security taxes gradually to zero after all current liabilities have been funded (assuming the above gradual dismantling).

2. Eliminate all federal, state, and local direct or indirect retirement related regulations.

3. Increase tax deductions for private retirement savings, reducing the dependency on Social Security over time.

4. Eliminate retirement related federal, state, and local government agencies and programs:

5. Privatize government run government employee pension plans.
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(Disclaimer: SEPARATE! does not necessarily agree with all positions advocated by these organizations and individuals)

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