State and Immigration

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Protect the rights of individuals to freely immigrate to and emigrate from the United States according to their personal values and priorities.

End the unethical practice of criminalizing individuals for immigrating to the United States.

ACTIONS (including but not limited to)

1. Deregulate immigration:

  • Give amnesty to “illegal” immigrants living in the United States
  • Repeal regulation that makes immigrating to the United States illegal
  • Implement a first come first served system of immigration where the number of immigrants increases year by year according to a predetermined schedule until supply and demand are in balance after which all limitations expire.

2. Address areas where immigration is incorrectly seen as the culprit (including but not limited to):

Claim Solution
Immigrants take our jobs. Employers should have the right to hire anybody they find suitable for the job, immigrants included.  Let’s focus our energy on advocating for reduced taxes, government spending and regulations instead of on restricting immigration.  This will lead to sky-rocketing economic growth resulting in American employers creating more jobs than can be filled.  Soon the notion that immigrants take our jobs will be a distant memory.
Immigrants use our entitlements without paying their way. Nobody who uses entitlements pay their way.  The money you’ve paid into the systemis consumed by your parent’s generation, and yourswill be paid for by your children.Let’s focus our energy on advocating for returning control of retirement and healthcare to individual Americans, ending all government involvement in those areas.  With private alternatives gradually replacing government entitlements, you don’t need to fret over somebody “not paying their way” as you won’t foot the bill.  And if you’re still concerned, let’s require new immigrants to sign a waiver to not collect entitlements as part of the price of admission.  I suspect the vast majority would do it without hesitation.
Immigrants put their children in our public schools, taking resources and focus away from our kids. Let’s focus our energy on advocating for returning control of education to parents, teachers, and educational entrepreneurs, by enabling private education alternatives to replace public education.If everybody were responsible for paying for their children’s education, we wouldn’t have to worry about paying for the education of our immigrant neighbor’s kids any more than paying for their smartphones.
Immigrants bring drugs and drug related violence. Let’s focus our energy on advocating for ending all prohibition on drugs.  Americans didn’t drown in an orgy of alcohol last time we ended prohibition.  And when the mob lost the alcohol revenue and moved to Vegas the violence evaporated like tequila in the desert sun.  The same scenario will play out when we end prohibition on drugs.
Immigrants increase the threat of domestic terrorism. Let’s focus our energy on promoting a foreign policy that deals with terrorists where they should be dealt with: on their own home turf.  With decisive action on our part terrorists won’t even dream of taking their act to American soil.
It’s too easy for immigrants to become American citizens, and then they vote for the “wrong” party. We can certainly consider stronger rules for citizenship.  But that is not a barrier to immigration, which is primarilya question of the right of movement across our borders.
Voter fraud makes citizenship rules ineffectual. Voter fraud is a crime and should be persecuted (as is done in many states).  However, that a few commit crimes is not a reason for violating the inalienable rights of the vast majority of potential immigrant to come to America.  After all, should we violate the right to bear arms for law-abiding citizens just because a few choose to use guns to commit crimes?
Many immigrants are here illegally. Illegal immigrants are mostly illegal because of bad, immoral laws restricting immigration. We should repeal such laws so that nobody is branded illegal for wanting to come to the United States in pursuit of a better life.
Immigrants bring cultural elements that are foreign to the founding principles of the U.S.. If we would confidently assert the rational values and virtues of Western Civilization, immigrants bringing elements from less rational cultures will over time adapt the more rational Western values and virtues. Maybe not all first generation immigrants. But by the second and definitely third the vast majority will, implicitly or explicitly,  have embraced the values and virtues of our founding principles.

3. Eliminate government agencies and programs distorting the flow of immigrants and emigrants in and out of the United States:

  • U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)


(Disclaimer: SEPARATE! does not necessarily agree with all positions advocated by these organizations and individuals)

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