Take Action


Alright, you agree with some or all of what you’ve read around here. What’s next? How do you help championing the separation of state and the economy?

Here are five suggestions:

1. Promote This Blog

2. Work On Your Vision

3. Practice How To Get From Here To There

4. Write

5. Speak Out

1. Promote This Blog

Like us on Facebook, share with like-minded and not so like-minded individuals, tweet, link to posts and pages, etc. If you’ve gotten this far we are sure you know how.

2. Work On Your Vision

When discussing or thinking about a government program or initiative – federal, state or local – get in the habit of asking yourself whether it is consistent with total separation of state and the economy. This is a good exercise in making the vision second nature, and avoiding the trap of reflexively taking a government function for granted.

3. Practice How To Get From Here To There

When you have embraced the vision of separating state and the economy for a particular area – healthcare, education, commerce, etc. – take a stab at figuring out how to get from here to there. This is a good exercise in staying grounded and will add credibility to your argument.

4. Write

Write letters to the editor, and comment on blogs posts and Op Eds. Contact your representatives on all levels, especially on issues where you think they act against  principles they claim to stand for. Always be polite, and try to provide some encouragement along with your criticism. Don’t resort to ad hominems and avoid sarcasm and cynicism; this conveys either a lack of argument or confidence, or both.

5. Speak Out

Finally, speak out. Voice your opinion in meetings and social gatherings. If you don’t yet feel confident arguing your position in public, but encounter something you disagree with, simply state “I disagree, but I’m not interested in discussing my position right now.” You’d be surprised how that seemingly minor action can sow a seed of doubt in the person whose position you disagree with, and give courage to someone listening to  exercise his or her independent thinking.

4 thoughts on “Take Action

  1. Tom Hall says:

    Ever since I listened to Alex Epstein’s talk about “The Power of the Moral Narrative” – http://industrialprogress.net/2012/03/22/how-you-individually-can-change-the-world-the-power-of-the-moral-narrative/
    I’ve been thinking about better ways to think about and hence communicate my ideas.
    While the goal of separating State and Economy is not too negative, it seems we could come up with a more positive and inspirational way to think about this.


  2. Ingo Bischoff says:

    The way to separate the “state” from the “economy” is to ban exclusive “currency creation” by the state.

    To do this, the Congress has to remove the “legal tender” protection afforded the Federal Reserve Note with the passage of the Coinage Act of 1982. If the “legal tender” protection is removed from the FRN, private commercial banks can again create “redeemable” currency to circulate parallel with “irredeemable” Federal Reserve Notes.

    Currency exchange markets will in short order determine the value between the two types of currencies.


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